Out of all the SEO efforts – from technical audit and keyword research to content creation and off-site optimization, backlink building is probably the most daunting one to embark upon.

Contrary to what many beginner marketers think, backlink building is a lot more than simply publishing a guest post here and there. You need to carefully and meticulously evaluate your backlinking opportunities to decide which ones are worth going for, draw up a plan for the manual outreach strategy, create content, and of course, forge relationships.

And while backlink building strategy is indeed a very hefty endeavor to embark upon, there are some things that you can do to get easy dofollow link juice. Here are 5 ways to build some ‘no-brainer’ backlinks without the hype of creating new content and spending hours sifting through SEO tools

Chase up your unlinked mentions.

If you are an established business that has already built up some solid brand awareness, chances are that you have some unlinked brand mentions floating on the web. These can be ad-hoc references to your brand within blog posts, product names, or even your proprietary images.

To find your unlinked mentions, you can just do a google search of your brand name and its products and see what pages come up on the 1st SERP. You will likely find that many of those pages are not linking back to your site, presenting a prime opportunity to earn an easy and well-deserved backlink.Simply reach out to the webmaster or writer and ask them to give you credit and link to your website.

For unlinked images, you can do a reverse google search with images (e.g. your proprietary infographics), which you think might have been embedded on other websites, and hit them up to ask for credit and a link to the original source.

Redirect your 404s.

Given the HUGE role backlinks play in determining rankings, it makes sense to get as many high-authority backlinks as possible. But getting links is only part of the inbound game. It is also important to keep as many backlinks as you can since lost links mean lost traffic, MOZ rank, and potential sales!

One of the main reasons why your links disappear is broken pages as a result of changes to your URL structure. When this happens, the old url (the page to which the link is pointing) must be redirected to the new one. Otherwise, the link will be directing the traffic to a 404 page on your website. Not only that, but the ‘trust signal’ or the ‘link juice’ accrued by that link will also be lost.

The good news is that lost links as a result of broken pages can be easily reclaimed. If you have recently made changes to your website (e.g. changing permalinks, deleting posts) that affect your URL structure, it’s worth reaching out to the websites of the referring domains that have been linking to you to reclaim those lost backlinks.

Round-up posts.

Another easy backlink-building tactic is to find round-up posts that list ‘best’ companies in your industry, tech solutions (if you are a SaaS), or interesting industry blogs to follow. Here are some examples of round-up posts:

33 Social media marketing tools that will give you an unfair advantage

10 best vegan restaurants in San Francisco

You should get the idea. Reach out to webmasters behind the sites that rank on the 1st SERP (the higher, the better) as those ones are likely to give you the most ‘link juice’ (but not always, so it’s worth checking their backlink profile and MOZ rank). These are some great opportunities to earn an easy, no-brainer backlink because you fit within the same vein. It makes sense.